Jessica Curses Seohyun on her Birthday…

Why you ask? For a birthday prank of course! During Music Core, Jessica of SNSD “curses” maknae Seohyun during the Etude performance, and then Sunny apparantly talks to Jessica “behind her back” when Seohyun was clearly watching. But the netizens don’t realize it or refuse to believe it as a birthday joke, and accuse her of cursing the maknae for bumping into her. Do you see any crashing into one another?


You see Jessica say “juh ri gah, gi jee bae ya” which means, “go away, brat” and sunny says “wae ju rae?” which means “why is she like that?

This became the number one most searched topic on Daum. Threads popped up with titles such as “Scary So Nyeo Shi Dae“, etc. But in Korea, the tradition is to pretend to “hate” or be annoyed at the birthday girl/boy and surprise them with a happy surprise party with love. Well it was a pretty bad idea for Jessica and Sunny do to that in front of people while performing, just like Yoona with Tiffany’s skirt incident.

Credits to asianfanatics.


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